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ITVT пишет:
A series of ITV companies (ACTV, Liberty Livewire, Motorola, OpenTV, and Universal Electronics-a hand held device maker) hired Boyd Consulting to do some market research to discover American perceptions about ITV. Though these companies have common business interests and, therefore, a weighted slate, it-s interesting to note some of the results. About 500 participants (head of the households) were asked one-on-one, for example, whether they-d prefer a 2 screen experience (synchronizedTV), a single screen experience (enhanced TV), or would like a hand held unit to interact with their television. What-s very interesting is the fact that if we use these results as an indicator, the American public is increasingly more aware of what ITV is and can offer. Results included:

a.. 66% preferred enhanced TV supported by the hand held
b.. 76% liked a hand held to support the TV experience
c.. 52% wanted news, weather, sport info from ITV
d.. 44% wanted a TV guide
e.. 38% wanted behind-the-scenes info on programs
f.. 37% wanted email on TV
g.. 32% wanted games or quizzes
h.. 47% analog customers said ITV would make them upgrade
i.. 57% if the enhanced TV service had a hand held as well, they would upgrade
j.. 42% of satellite customers said they would switch to cable if these services were only available on cable

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