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I have a big Lenore from my elbow to my shoulder, - говорит о своих татуировках создатель маленькой мертвой Lenore.
А есть еще, значит, комиксы. Интересно, первичны именно они, а не мультики?

PS Гады
Whatever happened to the Lenore animated cartoons?
The animated cartoons were a part of Sony's Screenblast website. Roman has recently regained the rights to Lenore, he does not own the animated web cartoons, so it would be unlawful for us to post them here. Since Sony has taken them down, and we do not own them... there is no official place to find them. Any websites hosting them are doing so illegally

PPS Как надо закрывать сайты:
We regret to inform you that on September 30, 2004, will be closing. Please be sure to download all your pictures, video and music currently stored on on or before September 30, 2004

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