November 11th, 2004


Фанком обещает обновить графику

Funcom is also very happy to announce a major graphics upgrade for Anarchy Online. Even though AO has constantly received great praise and awards for its graphics and art direction, we always seek to make something better. The first evidence of a vastly updated world will be experienced through all-new ground textures and more detailed characters. Moreover, the entire color scheme will be upgraded to make the planet more vibrant, colorful and lush. All of these changes will be implemented in the months to come, in addition to new playfields which will further escalate the intense and action-filled alien conflict.

мазила и ие

Оказалось, из фаерфокса в эксель таблица не копируется как таблица.
А из эксплорера - копируется!
Фаерфокс сосет?
Нет, это эксель сосет.
В опенофис копируется как таблица из обоих броузеров.