mild personality changes and possibly death (lepin) wrote,
mild personality changes and possibly death

чуток о буддизме

"Since death is certain and the time of death in uncertain, what is the most important thing?" - говорит монахиня.
И что же главное?
Дальше она говорит: "If we were habituating ourselves to numbing out or pleasuring out, habituation ourselves to need something to hold to in a way that it's so strong that if we go blind, we are in lot of physical pain, so we can't sleep - then you feel the lack of all of that so strongly so that the lack of that if what makes you miserable more than your blindness or you illness, the lack of something to hold on to. So somehow moving into direction of holding on less and less."
И я не понимаю, в чем же тема. Смысл жизни - приготовиться легко принять смерть?

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