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mild personality changes and possibly death

fckeditor и покореженный код

Почему FCKEditor (самый популярный wysiwyg-редактор в веб-админках) не может сохранять любой код, который в него понаписали? Потому что не он занимается его правкой собственно редактор - это функциональность броузера, а не fck :(

>>Perhaps I am unclear on exactly how the FCKEditor works. Are you saying that the FCKEditor simply uses the browser's parser to read the code entered - and there is therefore no way to preserve the code unchanged?
>Yes, that's right. FCKeditor uses the browser capabilities to edit html pages, and on top of that it does add the interface, and lots of other code to try to make everything work but the flow basically is this:
>HTML -> FCKeditor -> Browser -> now the user changes things, sometimes FCKeditor will interact but others is just the browser the one that handles the keystrokes, drag&drop etc... -> To output now the HTML, FCKeditor has to query the browser to know the current document, so even if the user didn't change anything in WYSIWYG the browser did parse the code.

Итак, есть ли wysiwyg-веб-редакторы, которые правят код сами?
Tags: fckeditor, wysiwyg

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