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ответ саппорта gigabyte

Довольно внятный (это поставщики мамы сгоревшего компьютера - которая вообще не пищит).
Правда, я почти все это уже делал: батарейку вынимал, мать осматривал, другой БП подключал, все карты вынимал, графическую карту менял. Память не менял, но если проблема в ней - почему не пропищать? А вот замыкание не проверял, и симптомы могли бы быть такими (наука о контактах, знаете ли). Так что завтра попробую собрать этот компьютер вне корпуса.

Dear Ladimir,

Thank you for supporting GIGABYTE products and contacting GBT Tech Support. As to the problem you mentioned, clear the CMOS(using the specified jumper or in the following way: a) unplug the power supply of the motherboard
b) replace the system battery and shortcut the contact pads for several seconds.
c) wait for 30 min and place it all back.
Try with another Power Supply (FIRST OF ALL!). Try new system battery.
See if there are damaged (bloated) capacitors(condensators) on the MB.
It's one of the most expected reasons. Then if it appears to be unsuccessful,
we suggest you follow the steps below to do some basic examination.

1) If possible, please try testing with other memory modules and videocard. Clean very gently the contact surfaces of memory modules, memory slot, AGP slot and videocard.
Try testing with 1 module of memory. Try other one(if you've got more than one module). Try other memory slots.

2) If your M/B is inside a case, please make sure that there’s not a short circuit. You can try building the whole system outside the case. But first remove every device except the essential ones such as CPU, RAM, VGA and HDD with data-cable unplugged(needs for power supply) than try CD-ROM in same way. Then turn on and see if it starts.

However, if unfortunately, the problem remains, a further testing or examination to your system might be required. We suggest you to contact your supplier or nearest dealer and see if they help you to test your system directly.

If you still have any further question or suggestion about our products/service, please do not hesitate to contact with us directly. We will try our best to help you resolve the problem ASAP.

Best Regards,
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