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предпринимательство и инновации

Гай Кавасаки хороший, зажигательный: "innovate on technology, do not innovate on business models"

Впрочем, они не так важны. Шоу он устроил отличное, а сами по себе пункты сухи.
1. make meaning
2. make mantra
3. get going
- think different
- polarize people
- find a few soul mates
4. Define business model
- be specific
- be simple (in business plan)
- ask woman
5. prioritize (make milestones, assumptions, tasks)
6. niche yourself (ability provide unique x value to customer)
7. follow 10/20/30 rule (10 slides / 20 minutes / 30 points minimum font)
8. hire infected people (love product): ignore irrelevent, find better then yourself, shopping center test (to like as person or not)

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